Dark Shadows Festival Labor Day Weekend 2003
"Return to Collinwood" Radio Play, DS Fest 2003
Fest 2004 -- Lyndhurst
Fest 2004 -- Miscellaneous Actors Talks
Fest 2004 -- John Karlen's Sunday Afternoon Talk
Fest 2004 -- David Selby's Talk (avaliable light shots)
Fest 2004 -- David Selby's Talk (digital shots)
Fest 2004 -- Audio play "The House" (#1 -- avaliable light shots)
Fest 2004 -- Audio play "The House"(#2 digital shots)
DS Hollywood Weekend 2005 Pictures from Autograph Sessions
DS Hollywood Weekend 2005 Cast Reunion
DS Hollywood Weekend 2005 -- "Vengeance at Collinwood"
2006 Fest Pictures -- The Collinwood Drawing Room Set
2006 Fest Photos -- Marie Wallace
2006 Fest Photos -- Jerry Lacy
2006 Fest Photos -- Betsy Durkin
2006 Fest Photos -- Lara Parker at autograph session
Lara Parker and John Karlen
2006 Fest Photos -- Donna McKechnie
KLS & Conard Fowlkes
2006 Fest Photos -- David Selby
2006 Fest Photos: Cast Reunion
Lara Parker as Mrs. Scrooge (December 2007) -- Photographs
Mrs. Scrooge: Part One -- Manhattan Melodrama
Mrs. Scrooge: Part Two -- The Play's the Thing
Mrs. Scrooge: Part Three -- The Audience Speaks Back
Burbank Fest August 2008 -- Jonathan Frid
Burbank Fest August 2008 -- Robert Cobert
Burbank Fest August 2008 -- Sy Tomashoff and Big Finish
Burbank Fest, August 2008 --Performance of unaired episode from the Adam storyline
Burbank Fest August 2008 - Misc Cast Reunion & David Selby

There's nothing like discovering a fandom late.   I attended my first Dark Shadows Festival in 2003, and also attended the "Dark Shadows Weekend" in Tarrytown in August 2004.
Photography has been an interest of mine since I was old enough to be trusted with my mother's pre war German folding camera and external light meter.  As a kid back in the 60's I taught myself to do my own black and white processing and printing.  (Any one else out there remember Tri X Pan and square 120 negatives?)  I carried this interest with me when I got involved in Fandom in 1975. 
I have been taking photographs at conventions since 1977.  In 1979 I purchased my trusty Minolta SRT 200,  and a telephoto lens, simply because I was tired of having pictures of "ants" on stage.  Thus, it was second nature for me to bring this camera equipment and high speed film to the Fests, and snap photos like a tourist gone berserk.  Imagine how out of control I became when I got a used digital camera for cheap on Ebay!
For the fellow photography wonks, on each page I give information on the camera, lens and film with which the shots were taken.
Hope you enjoy.

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